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Company History

CareHubs is the leading, white-label, online community engagement platform for the healthcare industry, serving customers like Mayo Clinic, Sloan Kettering, UCSF and UCLA Medical Centers, Harvard University Medical Center, Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital, the University of New Mexico Medical Center, Seattle Children's hospital and more than a dozen other leading providers.

Being the only white-label, HIPAA-compliance-ready online community platform available on the market today, we’re also involved in a number of clinical trials and academic studies that are testing the efficacy of online patient engagement with both clinicians and peer support groups via CareHubs (vs. traditional in-person methods) to impact outcomes and patient satisfaction in areas as diverse as recovery from cardiac surgery, diabetes management, and recognizing and treating depression in family caregivers of cancer patients.

CareHubs additionally powers the online community portals for several of the world's leading healthcare innovation groups like Health 2.0 (U.S. and international), Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation and Transform conference, and several others.